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The third post in this series was an update one week after surgery. I hope you are encouraged as you read.

Friday, October 31, 2014
Happy one week ago kidney transplant surgery! :) On one hand it has gone by fast (I think I slept over half of it). On the other hand, it seems like I have been taking it easy for just about forever.

This has been quite a change of pace from what I am use to.

Now that the pain meds have worn off, reality is sinking in that this will take a bit more time to recover from than my glass-half-full outlook originally calculated.

This week has had me changing pj’s and fuzzy socks, it’s true. But I am also learning to let others serve me again and again…

While my swelling has gone down significantly, my skin-glued incisions remind me that my abs have done a million crunches.

I look forward to the day I will be able to join my husband on the same plane at night and lose the piles of pillows keeping me propped. I have had to learn to sleep on my back and stay there. When I do need to get up, his strong-arm lifts me to a sitting position…no matter what time it is.

There’s a delicate balance to keeping the digestive tract running smoothly. Not too fast & not too slow. I’ve been in both lanes, but hopefully have found the optimum pace. :/

It has been so sweet to see my family working together doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and tidying up. (Parenting opportunities we have let slide are standing out now that I am not able to pick up someone else’s slack). That’s good.

It doesn’t take long for my stomach to oscillate from feeling okay to not so good, but thankfully it’s been happy as of late.

I get the idea that I have a ways to go when I have to take a nap after showering because I am worn out.

Tim lets me know he could have the best time kissing my neck and there would be nothing I could do to get away, but has shown much restraint from “getting me” in my weakness. :)

He broke the news to me that I probably shouldn’t go to the last church service in our current building this Sunday (Our church is moving) because I am not strong enough yet and cannot risk getting sick. As much as I want to, I know he’s right. My body will not let me sneeze or cough if I had to. I cannot imagine getting a cold. I’m working on a plan to be there via FaceTime maybe. ;)

And just as I am sure that being a match for Travis Kuter was part of God’s wise plan, this long road to recovery is too. I must continued to trust Him and welcome help through it all. Thank you for walking with me. :)